VERY cool Caleta Tortel, Chile

So weird and wonderful, it could be coastal Norway.

Caleta Tortel is a coastal village (founded 1955) in Chile. …

The surrounding geography is rugged, formed by a number of islands, fjords, channels and estuaries.

… the road was constructed only in 2003, and connects Caleta Tortel with the Carretera Austral.

Caleta Tortel consists mainly of stilt houses, typical of Chilotan architecture, built along the coast for several kilometers. There are no conventional streets – instead there are wooden walkways …

Since I hate motor vehicles, I loved Tortel.

I got there by bus from Cochrane.

Since my driver was a smoker, we had plenty of photo stops.

In Tortel, even the tent platforms are on stilts.

At the mouth of Chile’s largest river, we expected this to be a fishing village. Not so. It’s historically been a lumber town.

There two days, I spent plenty of time walking the boardwalk.

Cyclists all make the detour here.

A lovely place to visit.

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