slow ferry Puerto Williams to Punta Arenas

Quitting on my 4 day hike on the Dientes Circuit, I rushed back to town to try to buy a last minute ticket on the slow boat. I made it by 2 hours.

It’s a WORKING vessel for local people — like the Alaska Marine Ferry — tourists like me use it as an inexpensive sightseeing trip through the Inside Passage in Patagonia.

It cost $167 one way in 2019. That includes 4 very basic meals over 30 hours. It’s run by Transbordadora Austral Broom, the biggest ferry company. The flight on a small plane would be slightly less expensive.

You sleep in a reclining chair. There’s no space to stretch out on a camping mattress on the floor as I’d originally planned.

Better is the Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams direction as it passes the biggest glaciers in daylight. It was dark as we passed them.

Still, it was a gorgeous trip, especially the first evening. Our small group of passengers must have taken tens of thousands of photos.

I posted this photos twice … because it’s my favourite.

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