DONE – 10km in 1 hour

I’ve never been a serious runner. But in Bermuda I usually run as it’s difficult to cycle the narrow roads here.

Day-by-day I built up distance until I reached 10km.

At that point I tried to reduce time to hit the goal of 10k in one hour, a pace I’d done a number of times in the past.

My last full day in Bermuda I walked to the Rail Trail to avoid the one big hill I’d been running.

Pushed hard to stay under 6 minute splits on the kilometre. That worked for the first 7km … then I got tired. A big push on #10 at 5min 34sec got me to the goal.

reality check – That is from my Strava app. … But my Apple Watch workout app says I missed by 46 seconds. I believe Strava is correct. Apple watch less accurate.

2 thoughts on “DONE – 10km in 1 hour

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