Fraternity of the Stone by David Morrell

Very good. But the least superb of the Morrell books I’ve read, so far. I am continuing on to book 3. The PLOT of this series is intriguing.

Book 2 in the Mortalis series:

1. Brotherhood of the Rose (1983)
2. Fraternity of the Stone (1985)
3. The League of Night and Fog (1987)

In a remote monastery in Vermont, a mysterious man named Drew MacLane has spent the previous six years doing penance for sins that he committed for his government. …

As a black-ops team searches the monastery, he realizes that his deadly past has caught up to him. … he leaves his sanctuary to confront the outside world and the ruthless enemies that he prayed he had left behind.

… It stands alone and requires no familiarity with the prior classic espionage novel. But together they form a powerful bond that culminates with The League of Night and Fog.

This ground-breaking blend of an espionage and a religious thriller begins at the time of the Crusades and the invention of the word “assassin.” It was the first novel to deal with Opus Dei, the Vatican’s civilian intelligence community. …


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