The Body by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson is one of the world’s top travel writers.

But in recent years his science books have been even better.

I loved At Home: A Short History of Private Life (2010). The Body is similar.

In The Body he makes first year Anatomy fascinating and compelling. I recommend it for everyone.

Bryson reads the book in the Audible edition.

In the final chapters he gets angrier, and the book becomes even more interesting.

He points out that even rich Americans die younger than the average-income European because of diet, obesity and America’s anomalous, hyper-expensive and iniquitous healthcare system.

Bryson was born in Iowa but has made his home in Britain, and relates with barely disguised horror that the average American eats two entire cheesecakes-worth of calories more than the average person in Holland or Sweden, every week.

Americans shoot one another more often than anyone else, drink and drive more than “almost anybody else” and wear seatbelts less frequently than anyone but the Italians.

Insulin, the patent for which was donated by its discoverers for the good of mankind, is six times more expensive in the US than in Europe. …

Guardian Review:

The Body by Bill Bryson review – a directory of wonders

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