Brant Geese in Parksville

Brant can be distinguished from Canada Geese by their smaller size; dark brown body with a black head and shorter neck and white collar. …

Brant breed in the north, in coastal Alaska and the Canadian Arctic on tundra and coastal islands. During winter, they are found along the Pacific coast and further south into Baja California, Mexico. Brant geese form long-term, monogamous pair-bonds and family units migrate together. …

First morning in Parksville, B.C. I headed to Rathtrevor Beach at dawn to see and hear the mob of several hundred. They are noisy.

Brant feed on coastal mudflats and only rarely come inland.

The Brant Wildlife Festival in Parksville/Qualicum Beach runs from March 5th to April 28th, 2020 — but some of the events have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

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