My brother’s NEW books

The big news is that Randy McCharles switched genres from Fantasy to Murder Mystery.

First up in his new series is a short story:

Murder on the Mall
Introducing Peter Galloway, Private Investigator

His first full Peter Galloway novel is Murder in Wood Buffalo. It’s only available on Kindle and Kobo. He’s self-publishing. Less hassle for him. Lower cost for readers.

It’s easy readying. Galloway is a likeable character. Funny. Looking for love.

He quit the Calgary police department because he couldn’t stomach murder. Now a private investigator — he’s called in to lead a murder investigation in Fort McMurray.


Parksville – Coombs return on electric bike

It’s our new distance record. About 19km return from my Dad’s house.

The battery was well over 50% on my return. Range might be as high as 60km on a single charge.

Labour Day weekend feast

Yvonne cooked up the full turkey dinner. … Delish.

The bird was brined for 24 hours.

related – the night prior Rockin’ Ronnie the Barbecue king served his guests … hotdogs.

my Dad’s electric Trike

Dad boughtPedego Trike for running around Parksville B.C.

Joyriding and doing the shopping.

You only pedal in case of emergencies. Dead battery, for example.

It tops out at about 20km / hour … unless you are riding downhill. Downhill I’ve got it up to 30km / hour.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

my Dad bought an electric Trike

We did shop around, finally deciding on the Pedego Trike as being safest for running around Parksville B.C.


Price is about U.S. $3000. Canadian about $4200 including a special lock and B.C. taxes. does a terrific job reviewing what’s available.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Canada Day in Parksville, B.C.

The population of Parksville is far fewer than 15,000 … but we must have had 15,000 at the Canada Day celebration. The beach was packed.

I was most impressed with fireworks.

Tiny little girls were dancing / celebrating / cartwheeling while watching the show. Very cute.

I caught 3 of the musical acts. All good.

Headliners were The Tragically Hip Experience. Very Canadian.

… Or maybe it was actually The Joe Cocker Experience. Very British. Anyway, entertaining.

Dad sold his boat

This was his 6th fishing boat.

He bought it in 2011 for $6700. Sold in 2019 for $5000. Not bad, though he’d put quite a few extras into it over those years.

Yvonne turned it over within 24 hours on Facebook Marketplace. That service worked well.

In the past they used Kijiji.

Dad’s still fishing. But will only go out on charters in future.