Murder in Mazatlan by Randy McCharles

The 3rd book in my brother’s Peter Galloway Murder Mystery series is set in my home-away-from-home in Mexico.

I had a condo there for 20 years. Randy’s had a condo there since. So he’s got a very accurate depiction of the Golden Zone in this novel.

In fact, tourist have been murdered there in similar ways to what happens here.

While in Mexico searching for his fugitive father, Peter Galloway chances upon the murder of a Canadian tourist.

What should be a pleasurable working vacation in an exotic destination becomes a desperate struggle to understand and survive the dangers of an unfamiliar culture.

Criminals, police, and politicians all hinder Galloway’s investigation, bringing their own brand of danger, and turning upside down his understanding of justice.

Even RCMP Sergeant Angela Ford is helpless to keep Galloway out of trouble.


Check Randy’s full list of books.

Book 4 in the Galloway series will be set in Niagara Falls.

Mom and Dad’s wedding invitation

Gary sent me a copy.

April 13, 1956 at Curry Barracks in Calgary.

My mailing address all these decades later is across the road from the old Curry Barracks. 😊

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The Christmas Carol Murders by Randy McCharles

This is book 2 of the Peter Galloway Mysteries series. There are more to come. Digital publications only.

Randy introduced Calgary private investigator Peter Galloway in a short story:

Murder on the Mall

Book 1 was set in Fort McMurray, Alberta. A love interest — Angela Ford:

Murder in Wood Buffalo

Book 2 is the most surprising yet. It’s set in Prince George, British Columbia with several story lines unfolding in parallel.

Galloway is trying to find his father who is on the run from a murder charge.

Angela Ford and her children are staying away from her violent ex-husband.

A series of grisly murders at the high school.

That story line reminded me of Randy’s Much Ado about Macbeth (2015) which was set around our own high school in Canada.



traveling the world on my birthday

It’s my birthday. 62-years-young today.

I’ve been on the road for many birthdays.

My 53rd was in Porto, Portugal.


I’ve had a few birthdays out on the hiking trail too.

Spent my 57th birthday tenting in a stone Yak shack at 4110m, close to the Tibet border in Nepal.

And for 62 I’m climbing up the Annapurna massif in Peru … Nepal.

You can see I’m already suffering old-timer’s disease. 😀

My brother’s NEW books

The big news is that Randy McCharles switched genres from Fantasy to Murder Mystery.

First up in his new series is a short story:

Murder on the Mall
Introducing Peter Galloway, Private Investigator

His first full Peter Galloway novel is Murder in Wood Buffalo. It’s only available on Kindle and Kobo. He’s self-publishing. Less hassle for him. Lower cost for readers.

It’s easy readying. Galloway is a likeable character. Funny. Looking for love.

He quit the Calgary police department because he couldn’t stomach murder. Now a private investigator — he’s called in to lead a murder investigation in Fort McMurray.