Cycling Nanaimo, Cowichan, Bamfield, Alberni – days 1/2

Five days, 4 nights. No flat tires. No disasters!

Days 1/2 | 3/4/5

This map gives you a general idea of what I ended up doing.

Dad dropped me near the Nanaimo airport April 16th.  A trip both ethical and legal on Vancouver Island during COVID-19. That’s my story, I’m sticking with it.

Plan was to start on paved Nanaimo Lakes road. Then find my way via gravel logging roads to Carmanah and/or Bamfield. I was playing it by ear.

I’d camp on Crown Land.

New to me was the excellent Parkway Trail close to Nanaimo. What a great cycling town.

LOTS of vehicles on Nanaimo Lakes road. Most had driven out for mountain biking on trails like this. There’s very little development.

In fact, Nanaimo Lakes road is a spur of the Trans Canada / Great Trail.

About 5pm I came to a locked gate close to First Lake. And the start of gravel.

The campsites at First Lake had been closed due to COVID-19 so I found this lovely spot right on the river. No people for miles.

Surprisingly, I don’t often make campfires. But I do love them.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Next morning the logging gate was open. Looked like a go.

BUT about 3km further along a flagman turned me back. With apologies. They were using the BIG off road trucks today. No other traffic allowed.

So I headed back towards the Nanaimo airport on another quiet paved highway called Nanaimo River road. Also excellent for cycling.

From there I took to the main highway down to Ladysmith Tim Hortons. And on to the Cowichan Valley trail which I’d taken last summer.

The most conspicuous vegetation in April is western skunk cabbage. Rockin’ Ronnie explained that it’s one of the first flowers to bloom in late winter or early spring because it creates it’s own heat.

Lucky me. Another Tim Hortons. This time in Cowichan.

I planned next day to cycle along Cowichan Lake.

And hid myself away for the night.

Days 1/2 | 3/4/5

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