I’m a Humanist

Author Yuval Noah Harari would say my religion is Humanism.

My bible the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The first Humanist Manifesto was issued by a conference held at the University of Chicago in 1933.

Signatories included the philosopher John Dewey, but the majority were ministers (chiefly Unitarian) and theologians.

They identified humanism as an ideology that espouses reasonethics, and social and economic justice, and they called for science to replace dogma and the supernatural as the basis of morality and decision-making.

So far, so good.

In 1941, the American Humanist Association was organised. Noted members of The AHA included Isaac Asimov, who was the president from 1985 until his death in 1992, and writer Kurt Vonnegut, who followed as honorary president until his death in 2007.

They advocate in Washington, D.C., for separation of church and state.

There is a sub-set called secular humanism that consciously rejects supernatural and religiosity.

I wouldn’t go that far, myself.

But I do believe strongly in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



One thought on “I’m a Humanist

  1. Dani

    A very good chart above. I’ve always had a problem defining humanism. We were created human beings rather than human doings – if you believe in creationism. The reason why I do now is because the book of truth is revealed, promised to be open at the end of time and mostly found on daniel11truth. A great gift to us here at the end to verify verse by verse coming true as we count down to the abomination of desolation which triggers a great EQ – flood in the mid-east – rapture of HIS church and the final 2300 day horror for unbelievers. Why would HE give us this information at the end? “So HIS house will be full.”

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