An Arabian Journey by Levison Wood

I wasn’t much impressed with an earlier book – Walking the Himalayas.

But Arabian Journey was fascinating from start to finish.  I listened to the audio version with the author reading.

He started September 2017 in Northern Syria during the final days of ISIS.

He then moved through the Middle East for six months, often without a plan or visa for the next stop. He slept on the rocks of the empty quarter and in 5 star hotels.  He had guides. And hitchhiked through war zones.

… Wood will share tales from his most recent journeys across some of the most perilous danger zones on earth.

With behind-the-scenes moments from his travels over the Caucasus mountains and his circumnavigation of the Arabian Peninsula, Levison will challenge the myths and stereotypes that plague these ancient lands.

Levison’s fascinating and humorous anecdotes reveal the real life stories of the ordinary people he met who call these places home: from Palestinian fighters to Iraqi snipers; refugees to Bedouin nomads.

If you want to know what it’s like to be ambushed by ISIS, have tea with Hezbollah and cross pirate-infested waters in a wooden dhow …

Click PLAY or watch a trailer for the theatre show on YouTube.

There’s also a documentary TV series called Arabia with Levison Wood.

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