Cycling Vancouver → Rockies days 4-5

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July 11-12, 2020

Bad news.

I lost my iPhone X while rocking downhill from Summerland to Penticton.

It must have bounced loose from my hip holster.  Damn Otterbox Defender.

UPDATE:  I got the phone back 18-days-later.   The awesome Find My Phone app located it in a warehouse in Penticton.  Someone had found it on the street and taken it to work. 

Friends from Kelowna had to drive to Penticton to pick it up.  Mail it to my Calgary address via FedEx. 

Near end-of-life, I was using that phone for photo/video while doing everything else on my new iPhone SE 2020.

For the rest of the cycling trip, I used just my SE.

The weather steadily improving, I enjoyed these 2 days.

I camped near Thalia, a lovely and quiet area close to Vancouver.

From Thalia to Princeton I took a combination of paved very quiet roads and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail.

I was surprised to see so many puddles on the KVR.

In Princeton — on the advice of other cyclists — I opened my never used Ride with GPS app and somehow got it to work.

At this point I’m not sure if I’m on a free month or subscribed for the year.

Ride with GPS is awesome, however, compared with the crappy official Great Trail app.

July 11, 2020 – Princeton

Cycling from Princeton north was lovely.

The first high bridge. Several more tunnels. Lovely lakes.

Lovely lands.

I really like the Summerland area and would be happy to sit back drinking local wine. Enjoying these kinds of views.

I cycled around the pretty town of Penticton during the evening as wind raised.

I had found a good spot near Penticton last year. Set up my tent there again this year.

Onward.  Without the iPhone X.

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