Cycling Vancouver → Rockies day 10

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July 17, 2020 Bulldog tunnel to Nelson

I woke early feeling great. That made 4 nights in series sleeping even better than usual.

First up was the 1km Bulldog tunnel. As I’d decided not to bring a headlamp I had to walk it holding my camera flashlight.

There are a number of these tunnels on the Castlegar – Christina Lake section.

This rugged and most remote section of the KVR/C&W rail trail is scattered with historical artifacts from the boom days.

Rolling down hill I met the only other cyclists I saw for 2 days – a family of four, just packing up after breakfast.  They were cycling to Vancouver.

As I got close to Castlegar I was reminded of their huge forestry industry.

The powerful rivers of the Kootenays generate a lot of hydro power, as well.

Sitting in Tim Horton’s Castlegar I looked closely, for the first time, at the next section of the Great Trail to Nelson.

Scary. 63km if you manage to find the route. No camping allowed.

‘… Touring cyclists may find this route incredibly challenging as the route is more suitable for mountain bikes. Therefore we have marked this portion of the TCT as “Hiking Only”. …’

So … I decided to take the highway instead, risking getting pushed off the road by logging trucks and motor homes.

Nelson is close to my heart. Relatively free of the chain stores, franchises and strip-mall developments, it retains a rustic feel.

I understand opioids have caused a lot of grief here in recent years.  In the old days, they were all mellow hippie pot growers.

I stayed with friends. Good fun.

Nelson is a lovely place.

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