Cycling Vancouver → Rockies day 11

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July 18, 2020 – Nelson to Creston

We were up early for coffee and then out the door on one of the most beautiful summer days in the Kootenays, so far.

Friends who hosted me in Nelson had planned a big kayak day on the beautiful Kootenay lake.

I noticed the famed ORANGE Nelson bridge is actually orange and pink.

My friends put in at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park.

I’d driven past a hundred times over the years but never stopped before. This campground I’d rank with the best in the world for motor access / family fun.

For example, they have something called the Holt Cyclist Shelter. You can set up your tent outside, but under a big roof.

I carried on down the very familiar highway to catch the longest FREE ferry in B.C.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 rules make everyone stay with their vehicle.

The woman loading as I arrived ignored me … so I cycled aboard when she wasn’t watching. I was the only cyclist.

My dad built a summer home in Crawford Bay and we kept it about 30 years. None of my nuclear family had been back since it had been sold.

Here it is, opposite the wishing well on Kokanee Springs Golf Course.


We’d heard the buyer had done zero maintenance and it certainly looked that way to me.

My Mom’s golfball garden had not been touched since she left.

I have only great memories of my years at Crawford Bay. To celebrate I had lunch at the clubhouse.

Blue and Bacon burger with poutine.

I would like to return one day for golf.

I’d been leery about the 91km Gray Creek Pass, the official route of the GREAT Trail:

… Gray Creek to Kimberley is an extremely arduous journey in the wilderness for 80 km on a forestry road, plus an extra 10 km through Kimberley Nature Park with minimal amenities, no supplies and limited-to-no cell service …

Cyclists should carry spare brakes, chain links, tubes, tires and a comprehensive set of bike tools. If you are up to the challenge, you certainly will be glad you tried it! …

I spoke with two cyclists who had come over from the opposite direction. They predicted I’d have to push my bike uphill for about 17km if I tried it my direction. 😐

… So, it was a long day in the sun alongside Kootenay lake. I took the longer, easier paved highway to Cranbrook, instead.

Very few stops as mosquitoes were as bad as I’ve ever seen in this lifetime anywhere. Seems the late, wet spring this year hatched far more than usual. Out for blood.

Towns have fewer mosquitoes so I thought to camp somewhere in Creston. Towns have fewer bugs.

Unfortunately Creston is a town without many good campgrounds. They only want RVs.  I asked a police officer and he had no specific advice.

… a town of 5,351 people in the Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, Canada. The town is located approximately 10 km (6 mi) north of the border crossing into the United States …

The Creston Valley’s economy is largely resource-based with agriculture and forestry. Many are employed in the service sector, and tourism is increasingly prominent …

Lush farmland.

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