Cycling Vancouver → Rockies day 16

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July 23, 2020 – Elkford to Elk Lakes 

Getting to Elkford Municipal campground from Fernie the previous day had been a highlight day of the entire trip.  😎

Today was not nearly as exciting.

It started well.

The Trans Canada Great Trail winds through Elkford …

… and loops above town on scenic pathways.

But most of the way north is on gavel road. About 70km of good gravel road from Elkford to the Park.  It seemed to take forever.

I’d only seen one small bear on the trip, so far, but there’s plenty of scat in this part of the B.C.

Not much traffic.  But many logging trucks.

Most slowed down to reduce dust as they passed me.

Though most campgrounds in Canada are full July 2020, there are plenty of excellent free sites sitting empty on the Elkford highway.

Late in the afternoon I caught up with my friends who had set up camp already …

… but I carried on, keen to camp — for the first time — at Elk Lakes Provincial Park.

I’d like to go back, actually, as there are a number of trails and routes never busy.

Next door is Height of the Rockies Provincial Park, even less visited. You can get to 6 trailheads via logging roads and trails.  But there are no campgrounds or other park services.

After seeing hardly any people all day I was surprised to find a dozen campers at Lower Elk Lake.  Most had hiked in from Alberta on the Elk Pass trail.

I was too tired to do more than click this one photo at 8:16pm.


I planned to do some hiking next morning.

And I did enjoy some time sitting around the campfire with a group of 4 friends, each of whom had carried in their own tent — COVID-19 physical distancing.

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