My Sony X85J 4k monitor/TV

I finally own a 4K monitor. It was discounted everywhere over holidays 2021 for CAD $750. On the other hand, it took a couple of weeks to make delivery. I ended up getting it from Costco.

I shoot video mostly in 4k. Edit it down to 1080p for export to YouTube.

Someday I’ll be exporting 4k.

Based mainly on reviews from I decided on the X85J:

  • great response time
  • Native Refresh Rate 120 Hz
  • variable refresh rate support
  • Google TV operating system
  • voice control
  • Sony’s cheapest TV with HDMI 2.1 (4k @ 120Hz SHOULD work — but one review said it fails)

Some customizations

If you want to make HDR content brighter and don’t mind losing image accuracy, change to the ‘Vivid’ Picture Mode, and set Contrast to ‘Max’. These settings result in a much brighter image …

We measured the HDR brightness in the ‘Custom’ Picture Mode, before calibrating the TV, with Brightness at max, Contrast at ’90’, and Color Tone set to ‘Expert 2’.

I’ll mainly be using it as a second monitor for my laptop — when in Parksville.

And use it as a TV, as well. The voice command is limited, but useful.

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