Run, Rose, Run by James Patterson & Dolly Parton

Everyone loves Dolly Parton.

And when James Patterson asked if she’d be interested in working together on a book — she was.

If you get the audio book, know that Dolly reads the character of Ruthanna Ryder, a retired country legend who sounds an awful lot like Dolly Parton today.

That said, if you don’t like audio books with multiple readers, you might find this one annoying.

AnnieLee Keyes is the super talented young woman who runs to Nashville with dreams of being the next star.

And things start falling into place.

However, AnnieLee has a dark and secret past. It’s starting to catch up to her.

Dolly has many young fans. There is some profanity, violence and sex in this novel, but far less than any other Patterson book, I reckon.

In conjunction, Dolly released an album of the same name.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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