For the Love of Europe by Rick Steves

Though I claim to dislike Europe — I’ve sure spent a lot of time there over the past couple of years.

When European guidebook author Rick Steves was age-14, his family dragged him to Norway to visit relatives.

Unsurprisingly, he didn’t want to go.

YET he documented what he saw and experienced on the backs of postcards which he numbered sequentially. He still has all of those cards stored in a wooden box. 

I’m the same age as Rick Steves. And did much the same thing. My first trip was to West Berlin, age-16.

He studied European history in University. And is today one of the main speakers on European travel for the North American audience.

His 2020 book called For the Love of Europe: My Favorite Places, People, and Stories compiles some of his most vivid memories from budget backpacking when he was young through to producing his television shows.

It’s fast paced and entertaining.

Rick likes the food culture best in France and Italy.  

In fact, I’d say he spends more time in Italy in this book than any other nation. Beware the womanizing gondoliers of Venice, for example. 😀

Watch Steve preview it on YouTube.

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