DJI OM 6 (Osmo Mobile) Gimbal – my review

I liked the OM 4 — but lost the best piece, the magnetic clamp.

SO … purchased the OM 5. Much better. … But it broke for no reason, within a year.

I tried to send it in on warranty, but somehow DJI bungled my request.

In any case, the OM 6 looked yet another big improvement. So I bought it on Amazon for CAD $215.00.

Most importantly, ACTIVE TRACK actually works all the time on the 6. That wasn’t the case for the 4 or 5.

If you take a lot of video on phone, I recommend it. Personally, I like smooth video, not handheld shake.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Battery life is up to 6 hours. You can recharge in the wild with an external, portable battery.

I haven’t tried the Osmo Mobile SE. Cheaper with fewer features.

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