Planning for Summer 2023

Though I claim to dislike Europe, my current plan for summer is mostly Europe.

“Summer” starts end of March 2023 in Utah. Hiking. Cycling.



Vancouver Island

For years I’ve been trying to get to the Tuscany Trail, the world’s largest bikepacking event.

That starts June 1-2 out of Pisa, Italy. With my personal bicycle.

If time allows, I’d love to head back to the nearby Dolomites for hiking, cycling and via ferrata,


With stops in Switzerland, from Italy I’d want to make my way very north to Tromso, Norway.

Cycle south along Norway’s west coast to Denmark.

Ferry over to the Faroe Islands. And on to Iceland in August.

That was my plan from summer 2022 … that never happened when Scandinavian Airlines lost my bike.

Norway ➙ Denmark ➙ Faroe Islands ➙ Iceland

Will any of this happen?

I’d wager a 50% chance of any of those destinations actually coming to fruition. 😀

Old Yiddish proverb:

“Man Plans, and God Laughs.” 

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