My Brother’s Connecticut Gumshoe Series

Randy McCharles has a Masters in Computer Science. Spent most of his career in research and development.

One day he quit a good job to see how he liked being a full-time author.

Unsurprisingly, the pay is not nearly as good. 😀

One of his series has a former cop, current private eye — Sam Sparrow — mysteriously transported back to fictional historic United Kingdom.

His 2022 book is A Connecticut Gumshoe in the Cavern of the Weird Sisters.

Yep. Sam is taken back to time to the days of Shakespeare’s “Scottish Play” and General Macbeth’s machinations to become King of Scotland.

With scheming witches on one side and an old friend in peril on the other, Sam finds himself in the unenviable position of having to help Macbeth succeed. That is, if he ever wants to return home.

Worst of all, he hasn’t the first clue of how to manage a nightclub.

I enjoyed this one the most of the three, so far. The books are funny.

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