I’m on Cholesterol Medication

Rosuvastatin 10mg

After 2023 annual medical lab tests, my Doctor recommended I try 3 months of a pill to see how it affects my cholesterol levels.

He was surprised to see my numbers as I don’t have other conditions often associated with cholesterol risk.

I’ll TRY as well to change my diet: fewer bad fats; less dairy, red meat, partially hydrogenated oils.

More fruits and vegetables, fish, etc.

The evidence is quite good that simultaneously taking drugs that lower blood pressure and cholesterol reduces the risk of stroke.

My blood pressure meds:

  • Apo-Perindopril 8mg
  • Sandoz-Amlodipine 10mg
  • Apo-Hydro 12.5mg

I’ve never noticed any side effects from any of these medications.

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