photos – Mexico City

The reputation is a polluted, dangerous mega-city.

But I find Mexico City to be tourist friendly & easy to navigate via the third busiest subway system in the world. (Stay out of the cabs.)

Having seen most of the tourist attractions in the past, this time I wandered some of the major green spaces including the largest university.

I arrived in Mexico City on Jan. 5, 2006. To my surprise the holiday lights were still up in the main square.

100_1165 100_1160 100_1163 100_1166

Jan. 6th was “Three Kings Day”.

100_1174_1 100_1180 100_1171 100_1176

The most popular hostel looks over the central plaza, an ideal location.


Quirky. A most appropriate word for this city. Cow statues line the largest park.

100_1184 100_1196 100_1190 100_1191 100_1192 100_1212

A most delicious snack outside the Museum of Anthropology


A park spray foam battle.


University City, one of the largest in the world with over 260,000 students.


The signature building on campus is a library, entirely covered by mosaics by Juan O’Gorman.

100_1239 100_1240 100_1236

Mexican art is not always good, but it is often BIG.


1968 Olympic Stadium.


love the puma logo of UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico).


Another huge building mural.




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