The Bridge (U.S. TV series) – season 2

I loved season 1 and had high expectations for season 2.

Many critics liked season 2 better. I found it muddled. Disjointed. There were too many characters. Plot too fuzzy.

Still … for me it was well worth watching. But I’m not surprised there was no season 3.

I’ll next watch Bron, Broen … the Scandinavian crime television series on which this American version was based. It’s headed into it’s 4th season.


The Bridge (U.S. TV series)

Important issues in the era of Trump’s hateful America.

Yes, there are detectives and, yes, there is a killer. But the true mysteries of The Bridge lie in the great swaths of land and stories surrounding the U.S.-Mexico border. …

Episode 7 Recap: The Defiant Weirdness of ‘Destino’

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The Bridge is an American crime drama television series … based on the Danish-Swedish series Broen/Bron. …

The show stars German actress Diane Kruger and Mexican actor Demián Bichir in pivotal roles.  …

The complete series consists of two seasons of 13 episodes each. The series debuted on FX in the United States on July 10, 2013, and the series finale aired on October 1, 2014. …

The American version takes place on the U.S. and Mexican border where a murdered body on a bridge between El Paso and Juárez (the Bridge of the Americas) bring together El Paso detective Sonya Cross (Kruger) who is mentored by Hank Wade (Levine) and Chihuahua State police detective Marco Ruiz (Bichir). …

Detective Sonya Cross has undiagnosed Asperger’s syndrome or a similar autism spectrum disorder. She’s awesome. Meticulous, direct and prickly. No empathy.

Many of the minor characters are excellent too. Casting is great.

Cult-figure Steven Linder (Tom Wright) is my favourite. Wright’s been compared to Daniel Day-Lewis.

Linder believes that he has a calling to help people, including the women and girls in Ciudad Juarez, hundreds of whom have been killed or disappeared since 1993.

I got the series from Warren. And will continue watching season 2. And then the Danish-Swedish version.

Baja sailboat for sale

Kip and Mary have many years been living part of the year on a boat in the Baja. They’re currently out of Puerto Escondido.

Kip and Mary's boat - Puerto Escondido, Baja

The skipper spent a lot of time …

Kip skipper - Puerto Escondido, Baja

… tinkering and swabbing the poop deck.

Kip & Mary recently bought a place close to Loreto so are selling the boat. Asking US$29,000.

Email to learn more.

HillK821 (a)

all-inclusive Resort BEACH BODY

At the El Cid Resort Mazatlan we could eat whatever we wanted at 12 different restaurants. Cost US$46 / day.

The goal is to eat and drink yourself to death.


I did enjoy my 3 glasses of red wine each day – a nice tipple from Spain.


Tortilla Soup
Tortilla Soup

More Maz Food photos.

Rick McCharles – Deep Sea Fisherman

I’ve been to sea a number of times over the years. This photo sums up my excellence as an angler. 🙂


Even though Snapper were enthusiastically jumping into our boat out of Marina El Cid, I was still only able to randomly snag five of these monsters.

My Dad – sitting next to me – caught dozens including 8 pairs reeling them up two at a time.