Aeroplan® expiring me

Are your air miles expiring on you?

Got this email May 5th.

Dear Rick,

Aeroplan® wants to keep you informed of your account status.

Aeroplan’s mileage expiry policy

In order to keep an Aeroplan account active and avoid the expiration of all miles in the account, members must make at least one qualifying transaction—either by earning or redeeming miles—every 12 months. Aeroplan will expire miles in the account if more than 12 months has passed from the date of the last qualifying activity.

According to our records, the miles in your account will expire on July 25, 2009 unless you make at least one qualifying transaction prior to this date. …

Stay Informed about the program, our policies and your account status

For more detailed information about these policies, other program information, as well as access to your Aeroplan account, please visit


This policy was begun July 1, 2007.

But this is the first I’ve heard of it.

I’ve given up on Air Miles on all airlines aside from Air Canada. After I use up my Aeroplan miles this year, I’ll give up Aeroplan as well.

Those programs are more trouble than they are worth in 2009 unless you are some kind of air commuter.

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3 thoughts on “Aeroplan® expiring me

  1. kris

    all you need to do is use your card once a year…use it at the gas station, the grocery store, the hardware store, etc…there are many other places where your card can be used.

  2. Dana

    Yep, same thing for me. I had to book or lose them. Apparently you can collect miles at Esso when you gas up (that’s assuming you have a car). However, when I was in Las Vegas, that was a bit impossible to do.
    I called them and had a small fit, but got nowhere. I have been a member since 1987 and I had 110,000 points. In any case, I did save them, but what a headache.
    Yes, Air Canada still sucks.
    I have received this email response from Air Canada about a complaint I filed. I have received it 11 times. Each time I follow their instructions to the letter, and each time I receive this back:
    Your reply did not process correctly. Please REPLY to this message and
    enter the text between the specified lines. Your message has been

    [===> Please enter your reply below this line Please enter your reply above this line <===]

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