Air Canada and Aeroplan still suck

I tried to request credit for two flights I made recently on Air Canada.

It’s difficult to find the right place on the Aeroplan website. But eventually I did.

Aeroplan > Request Mileage Credit

But when I filled in the much too detailed data required, I got only an error page:


The data is right. Aeroplan and Air Canada suck.

Thanks to Peter Long for pointing out that I had the wrong airport. Montreal Dorval has changed names to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. (2004)

They truly do what they can to ensure so called valuable customers do not get credit for mileage.

Why not automatically credit every flight?

Air Miles programs will be dead to me after I use up the 70,000 points I have left on this crappy airline. I’ll do everything I can to avoid AC.

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==== UPDATE:

After submitting, did I get credit for the miles?

Your request for mileage credit has been received. The missing Aeroplan Miles will be validated and, if accepted, the miles will be posted to your account within six weeks. No confirmation e-mail or letter will be sent.

Screw you very much, Aeroplan. Six weeks?

What? You will have an employee confirm this request?

Aeroplan deserves to go out of business.

Now I have to phone them – GAWD AWFUL – because my miles might expire July 25th, before the 6wks, if I don’t.

8 thoughts on “Air Canada and Aeroplan still suck

  1. danabrass

    I tried to send in a complaint letter in March – gave up after 15 attempts – I kept receiving an automatically generated message telling me I had done it wrong, and to place my comments between “these two lines”. I did it – 14 times – and gave up.
    Poor poor poor.

  2. Here is a summary of the flights submitted for retro-credit:

    Ticket: 0142170652265
    Ticketed Name: McCharles/Rick

    Calgary, AB (YYC) to Montreal Trudeau, PQ (YUL), June 26, 2009, AC 1144, Seat # 26E

    Montreal Trudeau, PQ (YUL) to Charlottetown, PE (YYG), June 26, 2009, AC 7676, Seat # 07A

    If the request is denied, the member will receive notice of the ineligible credit request, outlining reasons and possible next steps.
    Note: Please retain supporting documentation until you receive your credits.

  3. Dave

    I have to say that at one time, I was a huge fan of Mileage plans (I racked up over 700,000 (!) in one year on United, at my peak, which gave me a free first class ticket to Australia, brother tickets to Hawaii, sistr to Virgin Islands etc) but as the airlines tighten their belt, they are for sure getting harder to use.

    The best by far is Southwest (fly 8 return flights of any length, get a free flight) followed by Alaska, but one thing to consider is that AC is a member of the Star Alliance, which includes Unitedm Lufthansam US Air etc, and your miles can be used on any of them. Just a thought.

  4. Dave

    Also, I wouldn’t quit the program, because even occasional flying adds up miles, and you can use them for other stuff, too, as well as hotels and flights…

  5. gino colarossi

    Aeroplan refuses to recognize 61125 miles I had racked up on my account. I have been a loyal partner (as they call it) since Aug 1994. Ask me if I want to fly AC or any of their partners……..

  6. Sue

    I couldn’t input AC 8483 and AC 8584 as well, website kept showing errors and asking me input airline code and flight numbers…really frustrated

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