turning Japanese

The World Gymnastics Championships have ended. After 14 intense, emotional days … what next?

I’m staying on in Tokyo, hanging out with Marceline Goldstein from Montreal. I’ll be assisting her with a Cirque du Soleil audition. And then a second audition in Osaka.

From there … I have a 21-day all-you-can travel rail pass. It will be like the old Eurorail travels of my distant past. I’ll be hiking everywhere the train will take me, happy to be part of the revitalization of the Japanese tourist industry.

Following that, I’m fairly decided to go over to Hong Kong for a week or so. Hiking — and taking in a big domestic Chinese gymnastics competition. Coach Jun Chen has invited me.

And back to chilly North America Nov. 22nd.

One thought on “turning Japanese

  1. danabrass

    Nice Yukata!
    Sugoi desanay
    Enjoy every moment – I am enjoying living vicariously through you still!
    Get to Mt. Mitake – I command you!
    ps – Say hi to Marce!

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