Kyle Shewfelt at 30

I recall the day I met Kyle. He was age-6 or 7.

… seems just a few years ago.


On May 6th, I turned 30. In celebration, I ran 33km’s. It was my longest run yet and it felt pretty awesome. …

While running, I had some time to think and ponder what entering my 30’s means to me. …

In my 30’s, I will:


Be decisive

Let go of my perfectionism

Manage my time and energy more wisely

Make health and activity my #1 priorities

Take on new scary audacious challenges

Stop trying to please everyone

Have more productive screen time

Simplify email: I’m checking it twice a day and that’s it.

Take BIG risks

Create opportunities rather than wait for them to happen

Do things rather than think about doing them

Publish books

Finish what I’ve started

Re-organize and down-size

Take more pictures

Have more dinner parties

Have less stress

Be more appreciative

Enjoy my life – Thirties Manifesto

Wise beyond his years.

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