Rick is downsizing

What, you ask? A smaller backpack?

ALL my cassette tapes, reel-to-reel and VHS are headed for Value Village. A few CDs, as well. Software. Old electronics.


Even that romantic mix tape. img_3890

I’ll donate at least 75% of my old clothes. Less is more. 🙂

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The Mountain Shadow – Gregory David Roberts

Roberts’ Shantaram (2003) is my favourite novel all time.

The Mountain Shadow – a sequel set 2 years later – was not published until 2015.

Julia Flyte:

Like many others, I loved Shantaram, and so I approached this sequel with an equal mix of anticipation and trepidation. Could Gregory David Roberts repeat the magic? The short answer is no. This book isn’t nearly as good as Shantaram, and worse, it has the potential to make Shantaram seem worse in retrospect. But having said that, it’s not a total disaster either.

I agree with Julia and most other critics. I do not recommend The Mountain Shadow to anyone.

There are a few good scenes. Some interesting philosophical observations. But overall it’s a too long, messy ramble with no story line.


Roberts dropped out of public life in 2014.