golfing with Ron

I quit Golf sometime during the last century. Too expensive. Too time consuming.

But when Rockin’ Ronnie got back in the game I finally brought my clubs out to the left coast. We got in 27 holes. It was fun.

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The highlight for me was a Par 3 birdie. In fact I had not even one other Par on the other 26 holes.

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Spring skiing with Rocco

Garth had some lame excuse for missing out this day. He tumbled down a cliff. Or something. ☹️

So it was just me and Rocco enjoying the sun at Sunshine.

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visiting friends in Switzerland

4 Calgarians got together in Switzerland.

Meet-ups like this on the road are always fun.

Tam had come to Europe with her daughter who’s doing a semester in Spain.

Cal and Maria are starting their 3rd year living in small villages near Bern.

The first two years they lived in Solothurn, a lovely place popular with Swiss but almost unknown by foreign tourists. Population is about 17,000 with 20% of those being resident foreign nationals.

St. Ursus Cathedra, Solothurn.

We enjoyed a terrific meal in Solothurn. It  was Tam’s farewell. She flew home to Seattle same day.

I stayed the night with Cal and Maria, learning much about Switzerland. It’s a unique place which many other nations should study.

Cal showed me a fantastic book called Living and Working in Switzerland: A Survival Handbook by David Hampshire. It’s hilarious, must reading for anyone moving there to work.

North Van beach dinner on a perfect evening

Long a tradition of the Shewchuks, who have now spent well over 20 years on the left coast.

It was just me and Rockin’ Ronnie this night.

We picked up some Asian deli food at Osaka Supermarket in the Park Royal mall.

Enjoyed a perfect evening. No wonder Vancouver is so often rated one of the best cities in the world.

barbecue at the Shewchuks



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Grilled eggplant

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Cous cous with caulifower rice

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