Spelunking Riverbend Cave, Parksville

Ron and I had lunch at Realm.

Kate was in town on a media junket. They treated me to join them on her tour of Horne Lake Caves.

Though it’s #1 of 29 things to do in Qualicum Beach I hadn’t been there since my Dad brought the family on a camping holiday 50 years earlier. (Closed that day for renovations, he tells me.)

There are some short sections you can explore yourself for free. Or sign up for one of the award winning tours. (From $27 / person.) An expert guide like Myles Fullmer makes for a far richer experience. Myles is a passionate caver. Seven years guiding here. He met his wife at Horne Lake Caves.

Though I’d been to a few wheelchair accessible caverns over the years, I’d never caved for real before.

It’s adventurous. Physically challenging.

Myles showed us dozens of things we’d never have noticed on our own. Best was a stone Buddha formation protected by a perfectly clear reflecting pool.

Fantastic. I’d recommend this attraction for anyone physically mobile enough to scramble. I’m already planning to return for the 5 hour advanced version.

Surprisingly, Myles likes winter even better than summer as there is more water. The caves are open every day of the year aside from Christmas.

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more photos 

details – Horne Lake Caves

By the way, Myles explained the difference between caving and spelunking. Caving means to explore, survey and document the caves, main purpose is the accumulation of knowledge. Spelunking is the visit of caves without any kind of justification, the touristic visit of caves.


Religious Leaders call for friendship

World’s Top Religious Leaders Issue Rare Joint Appeal

“Our advice is to make friends to followers of all religions.”

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Racists tend to ghettoize. Cling to people who look and think like themselves.

travellers – Maude and Mikael

Maude (Quebec) and Mikael (Finland) met at my hostel in Antalya, Turkey. They decided to take a night bus to Göreme, Cappadocia. I invited myself along.

One night they had the crazy idea we barbecue in the hoodoos.

We walked over at dusk.

This was the very first eroded monument we had visited on arrival. Seemed an appropriate place to cook.

First … enjoy the sunset.

Next … try to get the fire going in a cave. (For all my hiking I’m still terrible at lighting campfires.)

It was a bit of a comedy. But eventually they had sausage, chicken skewers, onions and peppers cooking. We drank wine and some kind of horrible Finish liquor they use to interrogate prisoners.

Maude and Mikael headed to northern Turkey. But I really enjoyed the week we spent together. The three of us are all travellers at heart. Maude had given up everything at home to teach French in a mountain village in Morocco. Michael strikes me as an entrepreneur, traveling until he decides what business venture to launch. 

skiing Sunshine & Louise

It’s been quite a few years since I last skied. But I finally got around to buying new equipment. (My old stuff was from – perhaps – 1979.)

I warmed up at Sunshine day 1 skiing with Henry and friends. Mostly Greens & Blues.

Next two days I joined up with the Longs and friends for Louise and Sunshine.

Ski BANFF Feb 2017 Longs

It was typical weather for the Canadian Rockies in February. Cold but gorgeous.

Ski BANFF Feb 2017 Longs

Ski BANFF Feb 2017 Longs

Ski BANFF Feb 2017 Longs

The 3rd day at Sunshine was my favourite. Eagle Creek my favourite run. We had plenty of snow.

Ski BANFF Feb 2017 Longs

Altadore’s 50th Anniversary Reunion

Organizer Maria Jamieson asked me to speak about my 22, 23 or 24 seasons (I’m not sure) at Altadore Gymnastics Club.

Here’s my slideshow from that talk.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

We had a surprisingly good turnout. Best of all, the club founder Jim McLuskey made it. It was Mr M who hired me as Men’s Head Coach in 1980.

Mr M, Sue, Rick
Mr M, Sue, Rick