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visiting Newport, Oregon

I happily joined in the Adlard family and friends vacation to Newport, Oregon following our climb of Mt Adams, Washington.

Newport only has a population of 11,000 yet is a big tourist destination. Great beaches.

Here’s the vista from their rented beach house deck.

We enjoyed cycling the HUGE beach. (VIDEO)

It’s WINDY so Kites and Kite Surfing are popular.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s close to Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area. A fun stop.

Oregon Coast Aquarium is well worth a visit too.

We had 3 terrific dinners at seafood restaurants on Newport’s Historic Bayfront. Research for Chef Dave Adlard.

Local Ocean was great. Clearwater Restaurant, as well.

“Dead Guy” burger at Rogue

Tom enjoyed our stop at the Rogue Nation Brewery & Spirits factory. We did well, as well, at a boutique wine tasting shop.

Dave cycles every day. So our group cycled every day.

The iconic image of Newport is the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Art Deco and Art Moderne design motifs as well as forms borrowed from Gothic architecture.

When you have destinations like Newport, who needs Hawaii? 😀

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visiting Sage and Cole

Sister and brother Sage and Cole hosted me in Olympia WA while I organized my Covid test within the 72 hour limit required for my international flight home to Canada.


Did you own a huge house, big lot and a 3-car garage when YOU were Cole’s age?

They schooled me on Anime. Demon Slayer.

One night we watched the first few episodes of Only Murders in the Building.

We went out to lunch, one day, for a HUGE meat pie.

I travelled Portland to Olympia via Flixbus, an excellent service. They carry bicycles under the bus. Recommended.

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Jeff Thomson – Gymnastics Canada Chair

(*Denotes newly elected)

  • *Jeff Thomson (Chair) – North Vancouver, BC (Term ends 2024)
  • Barb Bergeron (Vice-Chair) – Kanata, ON (Term ends 2022)
  • *Bonnie DeGroot (Secretary) – Calgary, AB (Term ends 2024)
  • Rosie MacLennan (Athlete Rep) – Toronto, ON (Term ends 2020)
  • Nathalie Bastien (Director) – Montreal, QC (Term ends 2022)
  • Nick Lenehan (Director) – Halifax, NS (Term ends 2022)
  • *Bernard Petiot (Director) – Montreal, QC (Term ends 2024)
  • Kim Shore (Director) – Calgary, AB (Term ends 2022)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gymnastics Canada membership, and the GymCan Board, for the honour of being elected and then selected as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors,” said Thomson who has 40 years of experience in the sport of gymnastics and is currently a member of the FIG Technical Committee for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. …

Jeff Thomson

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Labour Day weekend feast

Yvonne cooked up the full turkey dinner. … Delish.

The bird was brined for 24 hours.

related – the night prior Rockin’ Ronnie the Barbecue king served his guests … hotdogs.

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cycling Athol ID to Newport WA

July 23, 2019 – day 14

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After a glorious week off hosted by the Adlards, it was finally time to resume my Pacific N.W. bikepacking adventure.

I had decided to head north to join the Kettle Valley Rail Trail in B.C.

Departing, Jeni and Dave led me on the longer, hillier, more scenic route north from Dave’s house to Sandpoint.

Jeni was just back from Europe. One highlight was via ferrata in the Dolomites.

Wild turkeys.

Dave had a turnaround time. He and Jeni raced back to his house.

Laer I got stuck behind a stopped train.

For some reason I thought this was a pedestrian bridge across the lake into Sandpoint. Unfortunately it’s TRAINS ONLY. I had to backtrack.

Click PLAY or watch the morning on YouTube.

I took a long break in Sandpoint delaying getting back under the hot sun.

In fact it was a bit of a struggle carrying on with a narrow shoulder and a Great White headwind.

Only 5 miles of Highway 2 departing Sandpoint is on dedicated non-motorized trail.

Tired and hot, I took frequent breaks.

Finally, I set up in National forrest.

Click PLAY or watch the afternoon’s ride on YouTube.

During the night we had a huge lighting storm. A bit scary in a tent, it was a show.

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visiting the Adlards in Coeur d’Alene

Long overdue for a visit, I was happy to get off the bike for a week in the gorgeous North Idaho lake country.

Since my last visit the Adlards built Garage-mahal, bigger than their log home. Plenty of storage. 🙂

I happened to arrive just prior to final inspection for the Adlard’s new restaurant.

Candle in the Woods

I tried to make myself useful with last minute details.

At one point I was trimming Astroturf with scissors so the patio door would self-close.

Lack of expertise slowed me down as did non-stop libation from one of the best wine cellars in the State.

Old Goat … it’s working

As everything Adlard, Candle in the Woods is a class act. Plenty of attention to detail.

I was honoured to be one of the guests on soft-opening night. Thrilled to see Chef David Adlard achieve his dream.

On the weekend following Lisa took me out to her parent’s place where we enjoyed great conversation and fun on the lake.

I tagged along too for the Spokane concert with Steve Martin and Martin Short. Hilarious.

Finally, I was a LIVE guest on The Adventure Podcast. Always a treat.