I’m sick again in Kathmandu. 😦 Everyone tourist gets sick here, actually.

Catching up on the interwebs.

___ original post from Nov 2009:

I’ve always exalted the mystical, magical capital of Nepal.

Sadly, fact is, it’s a hellhole.

Everyone in the polluted city is sick. Sick with respiratory problems. And worse.

The rivers are trashed. I hear that cremations are being discouraged, but there are still corpses in the water.

dead dog in river, Kathmandu

Everyone you meet is coughing, horking and spitting. The valley holds air pollution.

Tap water makes people sick. There are electrical brown outs almost every night. Can’t they generate hydro-electricity in the Himalayas?

I studied the trash removal system. There is one, actually. But it’s hopelessly bad.

New Road, Kathmandu

As in India, best case scenario is to feed your paper to a sacred cow.

Thamel, Kathmandu

The only “progress” I can see over the past 11yrs is that the first KFC / Pizza Hut just opened. Is that progress?

I want to blame the Mayor for not improving this city … but Wikipedia tells me there is no mayor of Kathmandu at the moment.

Why am I not surprised.


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