who was most wrong about Ebola?

Good news. The outbreak is still in decline – New Ebola cases fall most in week since June.

Economist Oct 2014:

IN THE crowded field of Ebola alarmists, Rand Paul of Kentucky stands out. …

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana says planes must be grounded “to protect our people”. …

Some leaders are more responsible. The Republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has tried to keep people calm. Few countries are better equipped than America to keep the public safe, he has assured Texans. He is right. It should not need saying. …

The Ebola alarmists – Stoking panic will not help America fight Ebola

Ebola alarmists

Senator Ted Cruz should be apologizing, as well.

A world pandemic will come, sooner or later. But Ebola is not it.


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