why I joined the Liberal Party of Canada

To Joan Crockatt, my current Member of Parliament:

Hello Joan,

I will be actively campaigning in your riding against the Conservative Party in the upcoming election.

Born in Calgary, a fiscal conservative, still I cannot support your military mission in Iraq. It’s a waste of money. And will likely backfire, making Canada a more prominent target for any Canadian extremist or kook. It’s making me and my family less safe, not more.

Scholars Pape and Feldman:

… more than 2,100 documented cases of suicide bombings from 1980 to 2009 and concluded that most of the perpetrators were acting in response to U.S. intervention in the Middle East. …

The Canadian military should be Peace Keepers.

My other main issue is online privacy. I’m almost certainly going to be strongly against the coming omnibus public safety bill (Bill C-51). The NSA has proven that method doesn’t work. It’s not at all the best way to find terrorists in Canada.

Rick McCharles
Sarcee Meadows, Glamorgan


I do like your work for women’s rights, by the way. But not enough to offset my disgust with your Party bombing and shooting innocent women and children in the Middle East.

 Sergeant Andrew Joseph Doiron was killed by friendly fire in Iraq
Sergeant Andrew Joseph Doiron was killed by friendly fire in Iraq

Joan Crockatt did not reply. Not even a form letter.

So I bought a $10 Liberal Party membership.

Justin Trudeau:

We will not be supporting the government’s efforts to deepen this combat mission and expand it into Syria.

Speech by Justin Trudeau on the government’s motion to extend the combat mission in Iraq and expand into Syria

I’m hoping the Liberal candidate will be my Mayor’s chief of staff, Chima Nkemdirim.

I’ve written the NDP Party, as well, asking why I should vote for them instead of the Liberals.

Mulcair says NDP would pull Canadian troops from Iraq mission


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