American politicians are liars

And many, in the past, were able to get away with it. It’s getting tougher now due to an increase in fact checking.

Bachmann was a fact-checker’s dream because she was prominent, she got lots of attention, and she didn’t mind throwing out easily disprovable statistics. …

Why Fact-Checkers Find More GOP Lies


Gov. Scott Walker is a leading candidate, right now, for the title of the candidate who lies most.

“More than eight in ten Americans (84%) say they have a favorable view of fact-checking …”

Rapid Growth

A second study found that fact-checking stories increased by 300 percent in the four years between the 2008 presidential election year and 2012. … – Fact-Checking Is More Popular than Politicians

Here are three of the best sites:

PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter

Washington Post Fact Checker

• is my favourite.


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Rick Mc

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