What Young Kids Do With Guns When Parents Aren’t Around

3yr-old shoots and kills 1yr-old sister. 😦

I see stories like this at least once a week.

No word yet whether the parents will be charged. I believe they should.

An experiment run by an Eckerd College professor … for ABC’s 20/20 on children and guns …

Doctor Marjorie Sanfilippo specializes in child psychology and her curiosity turned her to what children would do when adults are not around and they were told to not play with a clearly visible gun. …

Almost every kid went for the guns, waved them around and even pointed them at each other. …

Click PLAY or watch ABC News 20/20’s Young Guns on YouTube.

Gundamentalist National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent denies American statistics that there were at least 88 incidents just this year “in which a child 17 or under fired a gun unintentionally and someone was harmed as a result” …


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3 thoughts on “What Young Kids Do With Guns When Parents Aren’t Around”

  1. I dislike videos like this — the admonishment to not play with something is often priming the pump for children to do exactly that. Any safety lessons need to be consistent, long term, often repeated and part of a larger educational program.

    We tell kids “don’t touch the hot stove” and don’t leave it at that. We teach them why, we show them how hot it is — literally letting them feel the blazing heat in many cases, then go on to teach them when it is okay or not okay to touch the stove. Firearms are often viewed as different because, well, they are firearms.

    I’m not sure where Everytown is getting their information — but I do not a careful and deliberate confluence of issues — “fired a gun unintentionally and someone was harmed”
    I have trouble believing the number is as high as 88. The following information is from the CDC WISQARs program.

    Unintentional Firearm Gunshot Nonfatal Injuries and Rates per 100,000
    2001 – 2013, United States
    All Races, Both Sexes, Ages 0 to 17
    Disposition: All Cases

    Year Number of injuries Population Crude Rate
    2001 2,748 72,671,175 3.78
    2002 2,722* 72,936,457 3.73
    2003 1,849 73,100,758 2.53
    2004 2,691 73,297,735 3.67
    2005 2,251 73,523,669 3.06
    2006 2,391 73,757,714 3.24
    2007 2,130 74,019,405 2.88
    2008 2,325 74,104,602 3.14
    2009 1,876 74,134,167 2.53
    2010 1,289 74,181,467 1.74
    2011 1,578* 73,902,222 2.14
    2012 1,625 73,708,179 2.20
    2013 1,158* 73,585,872 1.57

    In 2013, that is just over 3 injuries per day.

    2001 – 2013, United States
    Unintentional Firearm Deaths and Rates per 100,000
    All Races, Both Sexes, Ages 0 to 17
    ICD-10 Codes: W32-W34

    Year Number of Deaths Population*** Crude Rate
    2001 125 72,671,175 0.17
    2002 115 72,936,457 0.16
    2003 102 73,100,758 0.14
    2004 105 73,297,735 0.14
    2005 127 73,523,669 0.17
    2006 102 73,757,714 0.14
    2007 112 74,019,405 0.15
    2008 98 74,104,602 0.13
    2009 83 74,134,167 0.11
    2010 98 74,181,467 0.13
    2011 102 73,902,222 0.14
    2012 78 73,708,179 0.11
    2013 94 73,585,872 0.13
    Total 1,341 956,923,422 0.14

    In 2013, an average of 1 death every 3.88 days. — or 0.25 deaths per day- – so we are to believe that 84 times a day a minor finds and unintenionally fires a firearms and hurts someone but it isn’t reported to the CDC?

    In 2013, the group documented at least 100 accidental shooting deaths of children aged 14 or younger. A Mother Jones report that examined the same time period found 84 fatal gun accidents involving children aged 12 and under, 64 of which involved a child pulling the trigger, killing themselves or someone else, which debunks Nugent’s claim that children are not “accidentally shooting each other.”

    Strange that federal law requires all firearm related injuries to be reported to the proper officials — so the CDC records only 94 fatalities for all minors 17 and under — yet Everytown is claiming more than that number in those younger than 14 !!! The numbers just don’t add up.

    Bob S.

    1. One thing we can agree on is that some gun owners should be more responsible.

      Most are. But some are irresponsible.

      Not sure what can be done about it, however. Keep reminding folks, I guess.

      1. Rick,

        It seems like you are completely dismissing the evidence that Everytown lied about the numbers or at least deliberately mislead people, is that what you are doing?

        It is hard to have a conversation about our rights with an organization willing to lie in order to get legislation passed. It is hard to believe a group when they say “We only want this law” — or even why they want that law if they aren’t telling the truth.

        Bob S.

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