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Like most people who have visited Syria, I loved the place. The people are extremely welcoming to visitors.

I’ve been following the terrible, terrible disaster. With sadness.

I thought I knew something about the civil war. The best information I’ve seen is a new 55min documentary by PBS correspondent Martin Smith.

On-the-ground reporting and firsthand accounts from Syrians caught in the crisis.

Click PLAY or watch a trailer on YouTube.

Insanely, it highlights a new tourist resort in Homs only 10 miles from rebel fighting. 😦

After watching it, I blame the U.N. Security Council much more. Russia is propping up al-Assad.

Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the President of Syria, commander-in-chief of the Syrian Armed Forces, General Secretary of the ruling Ba’ath Party and Regional Secretary of the party’s branch in Syria. In 2000 he succeeded Hafez al-Assad, his father, who had led Syria for 30 years until his death. …

In 1994, after his elder brother Bassel was killed in a car crash, Bashar was recalled (from Medical School in England) to Syria to take over Bassel’s role as heir apparent. He entered the military academy, taking charge of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon in 1998. In December 2000, Assad married Asma Assad …

Once seen by the domestic and international community as a potential reformer, Assad disappointed those expectations definitively when he ordered mass crackdowns and military sieges on Arab Spring protesters, leading to the Syrian Civil War. …

… the United States, Canada, the European Union and the majority of the Arab League have called for al-Assad’s resignation from the presidency. …

… an inquiry by the United Nations human rights chief found evidence to implicate Assad in war crimes and crimes against humanity. …


Hafez al-Assad has to go. He’s not as bad as we’ve heard, but he’s bad. When al-Assad does flee, more innocents will die in the resulting fight for power. I can’t see any road map to peace in the near future. Many Syrians are willing to die in that struggle. 😦

Asma al-Assad was born to Syrian-born parents, raised and educated in the United Kingdom, and graduated from King’s College London in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and French literature. …

She was described by analysts and in media as an important part of the public relations effort of the Syrian government early in her tenure as first lady and she was credited with taking progressive positions on women’s rights and education. …

Laura once had lunch with the first lady. She and the war criminal have 3 children: Hafez, Zein, and Karim. 😦


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