help people escape the north

I often brag that Canada is the least racist nation I know.

Aside from our First Nations peoples. The history of how Canada has treated the indigenous peoples is damn awful. 😦

I agree with Scott Gilmore. It’s long past time we admitted the Canadian system has never worked. We should dismantle the Reserves, paying out each Band member who opts to leave.

 on a sad cycle of violence in remote communities:

…  the north itself is violent and has been forever.

Isolated regions always are. Australia’s Northern Territory has that country’s highest crime rate. The remote regions of Papua New Guinea are more violent still. Siberia is the most dangerous region in Russia. In Brazil, the state of Pará, straddling the undeveloped stretches of the Amazon River, has one of the highest murder rates in the country, rivalling the lawless favelas. …

The only way we can ever truly help the people of La Loche and hundreds of other remote communities like it, is to give those who want it a viable option to leave, to build lives in southern Canada, integrated into one of the world’s healthiest, safest, most rewarding societies. …

La Loche shows us it’s time to help people escape the North


Funeral Tuesday for brothers killed in La Loche shooting




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