Quantum Night – Robert Sawyer

Rob’s latest. I’ve read most of them.

He says this might be his last. These days he’s more interested in screenplays for TV and film.

Quantum Night

As he’s a friend of my brother’s, I drove with Rob to his Calgary book tour stop, a reading at Pages on Kensington.

This might be the first book reading I’ve ever attended.

The session was good. Short. Rob is a likeable and entertaining speaker.

His tour is the biggest put on by Penguin Canada in 2016. They were keen on it as his last book – Red Planet Blues – was his biggest seller, so far.

I won’t bother relating the plot of the book. But here are some of the themes and talking points:


• There are many more psychopaths in our society than we realize. (Not many are as obvious as Donald Trump.)

The lead character in the book discovers a simple test which instantly reveals who is a psychopath. Who is not.

• The GOAL is to change psychopaths into less dangerous human beings.

The book is blatantly Canadian: Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon. Rob says he’s never been pressured to set his stories in the USA.

Set in 2020, Nenshi (NDP) becomes Prime Minister over Trudeau (LIB) during the timeline of the book. 🙂


related – Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us – Dr. Robert D. Hare (Author)

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