Thou shalt not kill.

Christ was sentenced to be killed by the government of the day. That was wrong.


Thou shalt not kill.”

In America, however, most Christians still support capital punishment. That seems a disconnect to me.

A poll by the Pew Research Center in March found that 56% of Americans back the death penalty while 38% oppose it. Catholics were slightly less supportive (approving it by 53% to 42%) than average, whereas Protestants were more keen. Among white evangelicals, some 71% agreed with execution and only 25% were against. Black Protestants felt differently; 37% agree with the death penalty while 58% oppose it.

But even in America, support for the death penalty is waning, falling from 80% in 1994. …


Tea Party types, in general, believe in Capital Punishment. Surprisingly it’s not one of their “15 Non-negotiable Core Beliefs”.

Almost anything supported by the Tea Party, I oppose.

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Rick Mc

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