cycling Rose Valley, Goreme, Cappadocia


I cycled Rose Valley out of Göreme twice the first time getting it done the hard way.

I went uphill from Cavusin village to the Panoramic viewpoint.

hike a bike

The great single track is downhill the opposite direction.

I rested up at the viewpoint. Then enjoyed one of the best 3km rides of my life.

Soft, rolling, slippery sliding chutes like this. (No I did not crash.)

Glorious scenery, of course.

The second time I rode secondary highways 45 minutes uphill to the viewpoint. Then tried a different line, this high traverse.

Cool. But it dead-ended at a cave.

I traversed all the way back to viewpoint, then took my favourite run again … a little more slowly this time. Stopped to smell the flowers.

I wasn’t the only one out on a bike. There are guided groups.

Some of the best cycling of my life.

I didn’t take any video. But click PLAY or watch some Rose Valley cycling on YouTube.

I met another cyclist out on his own from Washington State. He’s been coming here twice a year for 20 years (May and October). January / February he cycles Arizona from campgrounds. Lives on a boat in the San Juan islands during the summer. His wife seems to like the lifestyle too.

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