barely made it to Washington D.C.

I flew Air Canada 7608 from Toronto. My ticket was purchased on United because exactly the same seat cost less on United.

It’s a Code Share UA 8552S.

I booked on United online. Check the cryptic name on my ticket.

That’s the only email I got from United with my name on it. Air Canada sent me nothing.

Somehow — and I’m quite sure it was in the antiquated United Airlines computer system — my last name was still MCCHARLESRICH when I arrived at the airport.

It was flagged quickly by Air Canada. They don’t care about first or middle names, but the last name must be the same as is on the passport.

Air Canada check-in sent me to the United counter. But the United counter isn’t allowed to change last names on tickets. They sent me to a courtesy phone.

After 4 talks with United and 2 with Air Canada my boarding pass STILL said MCCHARLESRICH.

A flustered Air Canada senior staffer finally sent me off with it anyway quite sure I’d be stopped at U.S. customs.

That man was a pro. He looked over my paperwork carefully. And sent me on my way.

Have a good flight.

No doubt he’d seen United F-up that way before. Running some characters of the first name on to the last. It was obvious to any thinking person that there was no deception.

#respect for U.S. customs.

Lesson learned?

Do NOT fly @United. They suck.


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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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