CYCLING Alberta, Montana, Idaho, BC summer 2020

If all goes well, I’m planning to start June 12th from Banff alongside some real cyclists.

The Tour Divide is an annual mountain biking ride traversing the length of the Rocky Mountains, from Canada to the Mexican border.

Following the 2,745-mile (4,418 km) Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, it is an ultra-distance cycling ride that is an extreme test of endurance, self-reliance and mental toughness.

The ride format is strictly self-supported, and it is not a stage race – the clock runs continuously from the start until riders cross the finish line, usually more than two weeks later.

The ride has a very low profile, and is entirely amateur. There are no entry fees, no sponsorship, and no prizes. …

I’ll not be racing but will follow the same route down into Montana.

There I plan to hike the Chinese Wall.

Then divert to the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes

I’ll circle back to Calgary … somehow.

This is less a plan than a dream at this point.  😀

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