Flat Broke with Two Goats

I recommend this book.

Tales of city folk moving to farms are usually hilarious.

Think Driving Over Lemons.

When they are rich city folk — suddenly poor farmers, it’s even more entertaining.

Think Green Acres.

One middle class North Carolina family was doing well. Holidays in Paris. Three children in private school.

The George W. Bush recession hit. They got behind. Planned poorly. And lost their house.

They are forced to move to a one-hundred-year old, snake-and-mice-infested, half-rotted ramshackle cabin with no internet, no cable TV, spotty cell phone reception, and a boiler for making hot water.

Rent $250 / month. Cash … as they had no credit.

The couple eventually learn to love homesteading, their many animals. Especially their goats.


related review – ‘Flat Broke with Two Goats’ will leave you alarmed, breathless, charmed

Another reviewer didn’t enjoy the book.

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