Global migration and the remittance economy

In 1987, reporter Jason DeParle went to sleep on the floor of a shanty in Manila for the first time. He had come to the Philippines to find out more about poverty in the developing world

… he would spend the next 32 years following their family as they spread out around the world for work and a future outside the slums.

His new book is called A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves and is the story of global migration in the 21st century …


In the news we hear non-stop horror stories about foreign workers being abused. And those happen.

Very under-reported are success stories.

More than 2 million Filipinos depart each year

About one in seven Filipino workers is employed abroad, and the $32 billion that they send home accounts for 10 percent of the GDP.

remittance is a transfer of money, often by a foreign worker to an individual in their home country. …

… in 2018 overall global remittance grew 10% to US$689 billion, including US$528 billion to developing countries.

Global migration is far more good than bad. 

Interview the families affected before you ASSume to know how they feel.


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