Peter Galloway #4 by Randy McCharles

My brother Randy switched genres from Fantasy to Murder Mystery.

I just finished the 4th novel in his Peter Galloway, Private Investigator, series:

Murder on the Mall (short story)

  1. Murder in Wood Buffalo
  2. The Christmas Carol Murders
  3. Murder in Mazatlan

The Bridal Veil Murders

Book 4 is set in Niagara Falls.

Peter Galloway’s search for his mother’s killer takes him to scenic Niagara Falls, where he and Angela Ford pose as an engaged couple at an international bridal fair.

Things go from bad to worse when they discover murder at the fair, along with clues suggesting a runaway teen may be next.

Galloway and Ford find themselves pitting their wits against a gang of ruthless drug traffickers, only to discover the criminals are more than meets the eye.

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