Murder in Mazatlan by Randy McCharles

The 3rd book in my brother’s Peter Galloway Murder Mystery series is set in my home-away-from-home in Mexico.

I had a condo there for 20 years. Randy’s had a condo there since. So he’s got a very accurate depiction of the Golden Zone in this novel.

In fact, tourist have been murdered there in similar ways to what happens here.

While in Mexico searching for his fugitive father, Peter Galloway chances upon the murder of a Canadian tourist.

What should be a pleasurable working vacation in an exotic destination becomes a desperate struggle to understand and survive the dangers of an unfamiliar culture.

Criminals, police, and politicians all hinder Galloway’s investigation, bringing their own brand of danger, and turning upside down his understanding of justice.

Even RCMP Sergeant Angela Ford is helpless to keep Galloway out of trouble.


Check Randy’s full list of books.

Book 4 in the Galloway series will be set in Niagara Falls.

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