Peter Galloway #5 by Randy McCharles

My brother Randy switched genres from Fantasy to Murder Mystery.

I just finished the 5th novel in his Peter Galloway, Private Investigator, series.

There are more to come.  Perhaps 5 more.

Murder on the Mall (short story)

  1. Murder in Wood Buffalo
  2. The Christmas Carol Murders
  3. Murder in Mazatlan
  4. The Bridal Veil Murders 

Deadliest Outdoor Show on Earth

Book 5 is set in our home town.

In fact, local heroes Nickelback are playing the Saddle Dome.  😀

AND in a nostalgic bit, The Stampeders play a wedding.

Peter Galloway’s pursuit of his mother’s killer brings him back to Calgary, where he determines the accidental death of a rodeo star at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede is in actuality murder.

Enlisting the aid of RCMP Sergeant Angela Ford, his investigation into the workings of the international rodeo circuit leads to an attempt on his life as well as an answer to the 20-year-old mystery of who killed his mother.eye.

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