Salmon & Halibut – Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island

Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

SURE I puked and wanted to die.

BUT I did catch the biggest halibut of the day. 😀

Fisherman don’t lie. FIGHT ME if you have any doubts.

For the 3rd time ever I joined in on one of the deep sea fishing charters organized by my Dad and brother Rob.

I had a great time last year out of Port Hardy — Murdering Salmon & Halibut — and took a chance again.

This time they were going out with their favourite guide — Josh — with Wild Coast (formerly Trailhead Resort). An all inclusive package including accommodation out of Port Renfrew.

The GOAL for my family is to bring home enough fish to cover the cost of the charter. We made it this year and on our trip last year.

In 2022 we came back with 45 pounds of salmon and 78 pounds of halibut.

At the last minute, Rob decided he couldn’t fish due to some weird medical complications. Rather than cancel his spot, Yvonne went in his place.

Needless to say, Yvonne didn’t get seasick and did catch a lot of fish.

My Dad never gets seasick.

Each year Dad decides he can do one more year reeling in halibut. If you haven’t done it, imagine lifting a FREEZER from 200 feet underwater with very thin line. While the FREEZER is fighting you the whole way. 😀

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