I NOW own 2 Drones 🤔

In December 2021, I gambled CAD $349 for the low end DJI drone.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it.

As DJI is close to discontinuing — and the latest, greatest replacement costs at least 3x as much — I bought a second one. But this time with the full kit. CAD $592.20 including tax and two year warranty.

In fact, it seems I bought the last Mini SE in Canada. It’s been out of stock on the DJI Canada store ever since.

When one eventually dies, I can use the accessories with the other.

Quality and features are good ’nuff for my YouTube hiking and cycling videos.

Click PLAY or watch a sample on YouTube. Moorecroft Park is my favourite place to drone near Parksville, Vancouver Island. It’s legal and not crowded.

Most important to me with the NEW kit are the 3 batteries plus charger. With my original battery, I now have 4 total which is more than I can imagine using in one day.

Warranty is essential as it’s very easy to crash these things. I’ve crashed about 6 times already, the drone surviving each … SO FAR.

My old Mini SE will be the back-up. I’ll carry both on cycling trips. Just the new combo on hiking adventures.

Click PLAY or watch some samples of my footage on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch a review on YouTube.

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