PLAN ➙ Tuscany Trail, Italy May 2023

I’ve been researching the best bike rides worldwide. This one appeals most.

The Tuscany Trail.  And I’m registered for 2023.  Cost €97.

World’s largest bikepacking event. 

Cycling 470 km independently … but alongside as many as 3000 others.

It’s not a race.  Some finish in 2 days.  Some wander off and never finish.  😀

It starts 1st JUNE 2023.

I actually cycled here on a rental bike in 2010.  Loved it.

From there I’d most like to head back up to the Dolomites.  On to Switzerland.  And north to Arctic Norway to start the LONG ride I had planned for last summer.  CANCELLED when SAS Airlines failed to deliver my bike.

Here’s my PLAN for 2023.

Click PLAY or watch 2021 on YouTube.

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