Can I STILL Run 10km in 1 hour? πŸ˜€

At one point I claimed I could do a 10k race in one hour any time. Without training.

That MIGHT have been trueat one point.

I did work up to it in 2019.

Day two 2023 I felt pretty good. Running steadily, made 8km in an hour. About 7.5 minutes / km.

My goal is 6 minutes / km.

A few days later I ran much better. I was well below 6 minutes / km to start β€” but couldn’t keep up the pace.

Ended up 6min and 45sec / km.

Next day I switched to Strava, an app much more accurate than Apple Watch Workouts if you make U-turns. (Apple Watch is ideal for checking pace on the fly, however.)

Ran better. 6min and 11sec / km.

On Feb 3rd I psyched up to make my goal. And pulled it off. Started slow. Sprinted the end … to make it. Barely. πŸ˜€

In real life I never have to run an hour. This was base training. I’ll switch to sprints and hills now as I find those help more for my cycling and hiking.

Click PLAY or get a glimpse of running in Bermuda on YouTube.

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